The First

This seems to always happen to me. I open Word, and whether it’s a paper, or a Facebook status, or this post – in this case – I have no idea how to start. I have no clue what to really say, or how to really say it.

At first.

And so, I like to let my mind sort of decide as I go. It seems to always work out, eventually.

About a year ago, I thought maybe I should start a blog. I love writing, and sharing what I write, or what I think about things, with other people, so it seemed like a good idea. In all honesty though, I wondered who would read what I write. I didn’t want to invest such time and effort into it unless I knew it would be worth it. I did consider it, but my insecurities ended up getting the best of me.

Maybe the time wasn’t right though.

And yet, I did start to write. One of my goals last year was to write, as much as I could, for my university’s paper. I wanted to carve out a niche for myself, and so I figured writing could be a way to do it.

So I wrote.

And when I wrote, people seemed to like that I was writing. Despite how favorably my pieces were typically received, I can’t honestly say that I still wasn’t nervous about starting this blog. It took the encouragement of someone I care a lot about to convince me to do this; to take myself seriously and be intentional about it.

So, here we are.

Ideally, I want to share my thoughts, ideas and feelings; I want to share my views on what’s happening in this ever-changing society. I want it to be fresh, interesting and thought-provoking. I want this blog to be a place you visit and find out something new every time, or find a reason to be inspired. I want to share my experiences with you as a young person, DJ & lover of music, and aspiring leader.

And so, that’s what I’ll try to do.

I think this is the start of something great. The best part is that this, the hardest part, is just that: the start. Take a look around the site, check back often, follow if you want (lower right-hand corner of your browser), or leave a comment.


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