(Poetry) Writing Flatly in London: 1/8/17

A few months ago, I decided I wanted to start dabbling in poetry to supplement my typical content on this website. I’ll be living and studying in London for the next four months, so I thought now would be a good time to start describing my thoughts and experiences here through poetry.

The first in the series is below. I hope you will enjoy them, or at the very least, be amused by them.


Confined and caged

Without a cage, without a cell

And yet, the feeling remains the same

A time to start over again, but a feeling of helplessness

Lost in a new world with new people

People who do not care much

People who I hardly care to bother

Feeling so excited for the new change

Feeling so afraid, too much new at once

Longing for the familiar, for the routine again

Eager to walk freely without having to ask

Without having to bother

Without having to bother these people

People who smile in passing but do not care

They do not want to

Do not want to ease this apprehension, I feel

Streets with drivers speeding aimlessly without worry

Streets without end

Crosswalks with zebra stripes and triangles and foreign indicators

Buses and trains and The Tube

London does not forgive me for not knowing her

She is so vast and exciting and intimidating and wonderful

But I do not know her yet, do not know how to yet

Maybe, by the day before I must fly away, will I know her better

Maybe then, it will finally be easier

For now, only timid curiosity

Walking around with strangers

Wondering who to trust

Wondering who


Who to confide in and ask to ask

Ask for help when figuring it all out is difficult

Too difficult for me alone

There is always tomorrow


I hope

Tomorrow will be easier



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