Writing Flatly in London: 1/15/17



Hustle and bustle through crowded streets

Through crowded flats

Through crowded rooms

American voices that I know, although vaguely now

The standard “Hello’s and smiles, room filled with laughter

Music playing, so generic, meaningless words

Feeling like a stranger


Wandering from the counter to the couch

To try to blend in, so smooth, but not really

Sticking out like a sore thumb

Blending in, smiling easier, it was a Coors Light in my hand

The taste of it, biting, bitter, an awful thing

Downing it still, sipping until empty

Can number two, downing it too, calm still, staying smooth

Sipping until it’s time

Until it’s time to venture out into the heart of the city, to some club, some Slug

With some dancefloor that I wouldn’t grace

And still I went


Hustle and bustle through crowded streets

Surrounded by people

A feeling of calm

There was coherence, but a feeling of wild freedom still

It was easier then

Easier to be social, easier to blend and to be like them

Easier to say more and think less

Easier to be myself

Easier to be someone else





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