Welcome to Written Between The Lines

My name is Stanton Charlton, and I am a college student in Minnesota, born and raised in The Bahamas. I’m an avid sports fan, music addict, video game lover and news reader. About a year before I started this blog, I wasn’t sure if I should bother. I wondered who would care to read what I wrote, and I didn’t want to invest much time and effort into blogging unless I knew it would be worth it. I love writing, and sharing what I write, so ultimately, I decided to start.

Here, you will find regularly updated content ranging from sociopolitical commentary to motivationals and insights. Typically, I update this blog once every 7-10 days; 7 on a good week, 10 on a bad one.

In addition to blogging, I also DJ.  On this website, you will see a Mixes page, which I will update once a month with a newly recorded music compilation, mainly comprised of hip-hop, pop and dancehall tracks. There is also a link to my Spotify playlist on the homepage, directly to the left of my blog posts. That playlist will be updated and shuffled in time for every new post.

Once again, welcome to Written Between The Lines. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay, and that you’ll find reasons to visit again while you’re here.
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