How We Must Respond to Hate Speech

The following was originally printed in The Record   Last week, CSB President Mary Dana Hinton wrote a beautiful piece in response to the hateful signs seen in St. Joseph and St. Cloud. Specifically, the following quote sticks out to me: “I truly believe we are all interconnected, whether it is within or between our campuses … Continue reading How We Must Respond to Hate Speech


Dear HBO: About that Alt-Reality “Confederate” Show.

There is danger in imagining distorted realities, particularly concerning important discussions like the outcomes of slavery and its accompany ‘isms. Even for entertainment purposes. But maybe the purpose of this show lies deeper. Satire can be a powerful tool. Only time will tell. There is certainly an opportunity for interesting dialogue here.


Ok. HBO has created tremendous buzz about a show that has everybody talking, even me. It’s a show called “Confederate,” the South won, time moved on, slavery and abolitionist sentiments and battles over freedom evolved through our own day.

To put it in Entertainment Weekly’s words:

But wait, isn’t that already the reality we essentially live in micro form now?

Not knocking you HBO, seriously, it reminds me of the mockumentary “CSA: Confederate States of America” in which the most salient feature were television advertisements for enslaved Black people and “Cops” reimagined as a show about slave catching. It’s interesting that a show is being produced in the twilight of “Underground,” a show that gave Obama era passion and swag to the abolitionist movement…of course, not your show not your channel, not your problem. And yet, a whole new generation of people were tuned in to learn about slavery and…

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Meyer: What is Success? Finding Successes Meaning to You

This could carry so many different meanings it is ridiculous. But the great thing about it is, you have the overall ability to determine what success is to you. Experiences give you a huge outlook on how you approach things, success is no different. We can follow or lead a certain type of life, but… via … Continue reading Meyer: What is Success? Finding Successes Meaning to You