Writing Flatly in London: 3/27/17

A commentary and critique of studying abroad from a non-white perspective.


Krista: What Is America Anyway?

“We have a president who was elected not by popular vote, but by electoral college. And, the history of the electoral college is intimately tied to slavery and slave-owning states and is there in part to give more sway to states that had large populations of slaves who couldn’t vote.” via What is America Anyway? An … Continue reading Krista: What Is America Anyway?

Meyer: Technology’s Impact on the World

Something that most of us don’t think about it how much the internet and virtual world affect us everyday. Through means like this, we connect with people across the world like they were right next to us. For researchers at CERN (A huge facility in Geneva that gave birth to the web) to come up… via … Continue reading Meyer: Technology’s Impact on the World