Complex: South Park Provoked the Rise of White Supremacists—Here’s How

Lindsey Weedston sees a straight line from Cartman to Richard Spencer. via South Park Provoked the Rise of White Supremacists—Here's How — Complex


Michelle W: Why Politics Is About Breaking Bounderies

“Politics does not stick to one lane. It veers across the highway, crashing into ambulances and school buses and running over the occasional bunny. Sometimes it jumps the railing and comes careening into our homes.” via Stop Telling Me to Stay in My Lane. There Are No Lanes Anymore. — Discover

Krista: What Is America Anyway?

“We have a president who was elected not by popular vote, but by electoral college. And, the history of the electoral college is intimately tied to slavery and slave-owning states and is there in part to give more sway to states that had large populations of slaves who couldn’t vote.” via What is America Anyway? An … Continue reading Krista: What Is America Anyway?