Musings /// We Need to Talk About How We Write About Women Musicians

Lockeland Springsteen

“But we write about female musicians ALL the time.”

That statement is the most frequent response I get when I challenge a music journalist or blogger (let’s be honest, it’s most often a blogger, or sometimes a radio DJ) to do better when they write about women. Here is the usual pattern: an article is written, I point out some language that is troublesome, and “but I write about women!” is what I hear in return. I’m not going to call out anyone here in particular, because this isn’t about them, it’s about us – and I do assume many of them have good intentions in the long run, and mean well, mansplaining/hero complexes aside. But “meaning well” doesn’t get us far enough, and we all can learn, listen, and do better. Let me say upfront, I am sure there are times I’ve been a guilty party. And I am sure there are exceptions…

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