How To Work For Your Favourite Rapper

In life, we make a lot of plans and have a lot of aspirations. We set goals for ourselves in order to become successful people and live good lives. And while that is good to do, life doesn’t go as planned 97 percent of the time (don’t quote me, the percentage may be higher). Just ask Negele Hospedales, Chance the Rapper’s intern. Nobody said life not going according to plan was always a bad thing. Read his full story below.

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Is it really possible to land your DREAM job, only a handful of months out of college? Apparently so. But I bet you’ve never had afirst day like this before…


Here is how to work for your favourite rapper:

The first day of work is never easy. You hope that your new peers will like you; you hope your new boss will be impressed. Well, today is your first day at your new job… except your job is a cross-country rap-tour, your peers are world-class musicians and your boss, who invited you on said tour, has won a triplet of Grammy awards. He’s 24, and he’s your favorite rapper.

As a 22-year-old yourself, freshly graduated, you harbor the powers of the internet and somehow secure the dream job from your thrifty confines in Sydney, Australia – a temporary shelter from the true responsibilities of the motherland – Canada. Life can…

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Black Lives Matter is LOVE


Yesterday, I was able to participate in the Black Lives Matter Peterborough Rally in the Confederation Park downtown. It felt amazing to be embraced by other amazing people of color and allies for the Black Lives Matter movement. The one thing that stood out to me the most was the smiles on everyone’s faces as we talked about something that mattered to all of us.

Thank you to everyone who facilitated this amazing rally. Thank you for creating a safe and respectful space for us to join together and raise awareness.

The rally composed of powerful speeches, heart wrenching poems by Beth Lexah and Niambi Leigh that brought me to tears, a candlelight vigil to show respect to those who have lost their lives to police brutality, and a march through the streets of downtown Peterborough to broadcast our message to other members of the Peterborough community.

There were also members of…

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